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The passion of Patrizia Bambi (Creative Director) combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of Claudio Orrea (CEO), culminated in the creation of Patrizia Pepe. Florence, 1993.
The name “Pepe” was immediately identi ed with an irreverent sensuality, made of contrasts and opposites. From this moment on, women could now recognise themselves in a brand which seamlessly combines everyday practicality with glamour for all those important moments, from morning to evening, thanks to the collection’s dual versatility and cutting silhouettes. A new idea of a woman, our woman, is brought to life: sensual, irreverent, courageous and aware. Conscious of her own body, she pursues a holistic vision of well-being. Ironic and urban, she loves to experiment. 
She brandishes a strong, independent spirit and is an idealist.
In a short time, Patrizia Pepe proved itself capable of creating iconic garments of indisputable originality, recognisable and appreciated over the years.
In Autumn-Winter 2012, the brand unveiled its precious seal to the world, designed to embody the exclusive stylistic and qualitative content of all Patrizia Pepe products: the Fly symbol. The insect’s silhouette undergoes an ultra-modern reinterpretation and becomes an iconic symbol. Impossible for it to go unnoticed. Light, erce and daring. Just like Patrizia Bambi’s personal vision of things.
The Accessories range made its début in January 2014, a strongly desired collection which a rms the canons of the Patrizia Pepe woman, with iconic products including bags, footwear and jewellery. Meticulous attention goes into the selection of ne leather, processed exclusively within a 100% Made in Italy production chain, for unique products.