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PARFOIS is a Portuguese brand of women’s fashion accessories, headquartered in Oporto, Portugal, created in 1994 by Manuela Medeiros. In the first year, PARFOIS opened its first store, in Rua de Santa Catarina in Oporto, Portugal.
Created for all fashion followers, this brand offers fashion accessories like jewelry, belts, shoes, sunglasses, handbags, travel bags, scarves and hats. Parfois has a strong relationship with fashion trends, as every collection reflects the daily inspiration of the design teams, which are divided between Oporto and Barcelona.  
Every week, all stores get new products, renewing the collection on a weekly basis. 
Nowadays, Parfois has more than 850 stores all over the world, in more than 65 countries.
The production, design, merchandising and communication are managed directly from the Parfois headquarters in Portugal.