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North Sails was founded in 1957 by the American sailor, Olympic gold medallist and engineer Lowell North. He had a dream – to create the fastest racing sails in the world. For years, Lowell North and his team introduced innovative technologies that outperformed wind and water and lead them to excel in many races.
In 1989, North Sails launched its first clothing collection from its Italian headquarters, in Rapallo. Today, Lowell North’s spirit is shown in the North Sails Collection, which was designed and developed for those who love to face the challenge of the open seas and to help navigate modern life.
The North Sails’ motto is "Go Beyond", which means to go where others cannot.
Exploration and innovation are the key and fundamental elements on which the brand has always been based. The close bond with the ocean gave rise to the brand’s sense of responsibility for the conservation and the protection of the planet.
North Sails has its roots in the sea and decided to act for it, by raising awareness on the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean. We are only at the beginning of this challenging, yet stimulating, journey. Starting from Spring/Summer ’18 we’re donating 1% of our revenues to the Ocean Family Foundation and investing in a communication aimed to this objective.
These are just little steps but, as you know, every great sea crossing must be dealt wave after wave.

Go Beyond Plastic