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ALDO is a Company specialized in making high-quality footwear and accessories within the fashion world. It offers a different shopping experience. Built on the values of Love, Integrity and Respect, it enriches the community in which his employees live and work. Founded in 1972 by Aldo Bensadoun, ALDO operates in over 2600 stores in the world. 
An incomparable proposal of products for woman and man: from the classical one to the casual, from the funky to the fast fashion, you can express your personality with ALDO. With ALDO you will feel well and confident with yourself, due to a quality and fashion product with an affordable price. And more! Aldo has a team of stylists that constantly travels all over the world: if you need the last trends in terms of footwears and accessories, with ALDO you will be the first to wear them!