Oriocenter Festival

The fourth event of Settima arte Festival, sponsored by Oriocenter, is scheduled on saturday march 30th. , that involve students of Bergamo High Schools, in the UCI Cinema inside Oriocenter.

The actress and comedian Debora Villa will be the special guest and judge for this fourth event.

The two schools that faces each other with short movies, will be the 4th H Human science High School Secco Suardo of Bergamo and the 4th P of Lussana High School

The actress will present her brand new show Men come form Mars and women from Venus.

Oriocenter becomes a place of experimentation and meeting for the students of the schools from Bergamo and the Province with the start of the Seventh Art project. Twelve schools will be involved, for a total of twelve classes and 1,200 students. 

The Seventh Art Festival educational itinerary requires the students of the classes involved to become producers of short films, bringing into play the knowledge they already possess and the one they acquire along the way. The short films, protagonists of the competition and produced within the shopping center, will be judged by a jury of experts from the world of cinema. 

Oriocenter is the promoter and the location of the Festival, and it will welcome the students and the various activities, creating spaces where culture, art and education meet and merge for hands-on learning so that young people can become the stars of the events.