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Cono Gourmet is the brainchild of a family with a passion for the tradition of italian cuisine and for the search for high-quality products. Cono Gourmet is a modern concept and traditional with typical fried products of the Italian gastronomy, but revisited in the take-away formula that characterizes the  new style of street food. Our Cono Gourmet staff uses only sunflower oil and the supplies are guaranteed by all companies selected Italian, with high efficiency and quality standards.All products are cooked at the same  time of order and served it at the ideal temperature that the fried need to be the top.The breading squid, our first symbol product,  is cook only with fine rice flour, suitable for celiac consumption.Our production processes are totally visible to the customer, ideed they can follow it straight away.Our squid comes from the crystalline waters of the patagonian ocean and they are breaded in fine rice flour, perfect for our customers looking for gluten free.Delicious shrimp are cooked and fried with impeccable golden color to satisfy not only the taste buds but also your eyes.