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C House Cafè Milano was created by Alberto Poli and Cristiano Iezzi. The Poli family has been in the coffee industry in Milan since 1962 and has been distributing its product, first in Italy and later in the rest of the world, since then. Six years after the opening of the first branch, C House Cafè Milano has more than 50 stores and is present in more than 10 countries worldwide. Today C House Cafè Milano brand means fresh roasted coffee, quality and superb service. We continue to source, blend, grind and create the highest coffee solutions available and continue to serve our guests a fresh, quality product – made in front of them! Tradition and Innovation is at the core of our business model and so periodically we have improved our product portfolio with new entries such as our premium desserts, open-face sandwiches, salads and main dishes. C House Cafè Milano is complemented by the creativity of our logo designer and famous architect Andrea Langhi. Andrea's aesthetics vision of the C House Cafè Milano concept make it inviting, its pleasing Italian design allowing it to increase significantly its financial performance for our franchise owners and also has resulted in C House Cafè Milano expansion in Italy as well as abroad.